1. Choose a realistic and achievable goal

To score a desired IELTS band, it is quite essential to be realistic. If you aim to reach a certain level of English proficiency, success can only be achieved with regular practice. It is very important to know an IELTS band score levels before you set a goal for yourself.

Click here to download the IELTS Band 9 Score level


2. Increase your sentence reading speed

For answering the questions accurately and timely, you should read faster and understand the instructions, the example, and the questions in every module.


3. Manage your time carefully during the test

In listening module, the recording is played once only, and the questions are answered as you listen. This means that time is managed but you have some time to check your work after each section.

Use this time to read the instructions, the example, and the questions of next section. Do not use this time to transfer the answers in the answer sheet as you will be given 10 minutes at the end of the test.

In reading module, keep an eye on the time as you progress through the test. The time of 60 minutes is given to complete the reading test in which you have to answer all 40 questions. No extra time will be allocated for writing answers in the answer sheet at the end of the test.


4. Read the instructions carefully

Candidates who do not read or listen to the instructions carefully may believe they are saving time, but the instructions contain important information which must be understood to answer the question correctly.

For instance, in reading passage, it is given as: “The average cost to build a single-family house is over a million dollar.
Complete the sentence below. Write A NUMBER only.
Q23. Cost: ______________

Many candidates write answer as “a million dollar”. However, the correct answer is $1000000.


5. Are your answers grammatically correct?

It is sometimes possible to work out the correct answer by using your knowledge of grammar. Always try to consider whether your answer is grammatically acceptable before taking your final call. This practice best works with the below mentioned type of questions:

  • Short-answer questions
  • Sentence completion
  • Gap-fill exercise
  • All table/chart/diagram/note completion tasks.