IELTS Reading Tips

1. Write your answers in the answer sheet
It is important to write your answers on the answer sheet as you do the Reading Test because you will not be given extra time to write answers in the answer sheet in Reading exam and you will find yourself in the unfortunate position to complete the test.

2. Do not read the passage first, instead read questions
Many candidates do this mistake to begin reading the passage without having a reason to read first. Always have a reason to read a passage. So, you should read the questions first and keep it in your mind – something you are looking for; else, you will not be able to manage your time effectively.

3. Scanning the reading passage
Scanning is the method to use when searching for information in a reading passage. You may be looking for the general idea of the information on the page (skim quickly through the information), or you wish to scan for the specific information. In either case, you have to sweep your eyes across the page slowly and smoothly in a direction from left – right – left – right and so on.

4. Read around the Keywords/ Phrases
Sometimes, you will find the answer without reading the passage. Therefore, choose the keywords/ phrases first from the questions, and locate the first instance of it in the passage, then read around to discover the answer.

5. Read as much as possible
By reading short articles on general topics that are common in IELTS will improve your reading skills and enhance your vocabulary too. Newspapers, magazines and online articles are a good resource for improving reading skills.