IELTS Listening Tips

1. Ready to listen the instructions for each section
Remember that each section of the IELTS listening test is played once only. The moment you hear the words Section 1, Section 2, etc. you should be prepared and ready to listen the instructions carefully as it contains details about the information of the coming passage.

2. Learn to predict the answer
While listening to the CD, you have to read questions as well as write answers in the question booklet at the same time which makes this exam a bit difficult. Therefore, it is a good practice to read the questions before you listen so that you can predict the answer type. For instance, is it a number or name or a phrase?

3. Understand the directions
Learn and understand the directions now. You have to use your time wisely during the exam to read the questions, not to follow the directions.

4. Do not answer the question too quickly
Sometimes the speaker speaks the answer too quickly, but then s/he goes on to correct themselves or changes the given information later in the talk. So, listen carefully and answer the question accurately.

5. No negative marking
There is no negative marking for wrong answer. So, do not leave any blank answers. If you don’t know an answer, you can guess. However, there is a penalty for wrong answers.