IELTS Speaking Part 2 – ‘place that was full of colours’ topic

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Describe a place you went to that was full of colours

  • Where it was
  • Why you went there
  • What you did there

and explain why you think that place was made so colourful.


Visiting to any place is the best way to relax and rejuvenate ourselves from the hectic schedule of our life.

Well, I visited several places in my life but I would like to talk about the place which is full of colours i.e. The Mughal Garden. It located at the back of the president’s house in Delhi. It only opens for a particular period of 1 month from Mid February to March for the general public. Few months ago, I visited there with my family.

Moving to the next point which is what we did there. The main thing which I would like to mention here is that it’s just a casual trip to take my son out on the weekend and there, I had spent a quality time with my wife and son and had seen the picturesque view of that garden. This place has different sections of gardens and named separately by the horticulture department which exists in the vicinity to take care of the awe-inspiring place. According to me, the major attraction of this area is the Sunken or Butterfly garden. It is circular in shape and is very colourful.

Hammering the last nail, I would like to say that the main reason why I believe that place is full of colours is that it has a mixed variety of flowers of different colours and one can refresh one’s mind and soul after visiting this place and I recommend this place to visit at least once in the life time to all my kith and kin.


[Notes: You may have visited several places but here in this topic, you have to mention the place which is full of colours. I have written about my experience about a garden. You can opt for any other place where you think that the place has different colours.]


Follow up questions in Part 3:

  • What colours are least popular in your country?
  • Would these colours become popular in the future?
  • What was the most popular colour last year?
  • How do colours affect people’s mood?
  • What colours are mostly seen for buildings in India?
  • What colour is suitable for offices?
  • How differently do men and women look at the same colour?
  • Is there any change in the use of colours in the present and in the past?
  • Do colours make a difference in the advertisements?
  • What colours are suitable for formal occasions?
  • Do business people need to wear dark clothes?


Tip for Part 3:

Practice to answer the above questions, your answer should have at least 4-5 sentences or you should speak at length for about 50-60 seconds fluently as this round runs for at least 4-5 minutes and the examiner would like to ask about 4-5 follow-up questions related to similar topic but this time, s/he would like to cover the bigger horizon say world, or people, or television, or any other occasion.


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