IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Understanding the questions and answer coherently

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In this lesson, I would like to tell you how to understand the questions in the IELTS speaking test and give an answer accordingly so that you will not lose your marks on coherence.

I have seen many candidates, who give answer anxiously and as a result, people lose points. They don’t hear the question properly and start answering them. Instead, you have to carefully understand the question first and then answer it coherently.

For this, you need to practice several day-to-day topics for IELTS Speaking Test. That’s why; I would like to cover different questions and answers using different vocabulary as well as separate points. So, a candidate who prepares the questions and answers with several points will form an answer in the interview quickly and will be more fluent. Hence, s/he will score more automatically.

A candidate makes the major mistake in understanding the question. For instance, we have covered a question: “What kind of problems are there in your neighbourhood?” I have seen some of the candidates often misinterpret another question like – “What problems do people sometimes have with their neighbours?” with the previous one. Beware, examiner generally twists the questions.

In the first question, a candidate has to answer listing the associated problems with the neighbourhood area where as in the second question; you have to mention the problems people encountered with their neighbours and why.

  1. What kind of problems are there in your neighbourhood?
    I have covered the above question in my previous lesson. Click here.
  2. What problems do people sometimes have with their neighbours?
    For this, I would like to answer this question in my next lesson with the set of another 4 questions. Till then, you try to form your answers for both the above questions.


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