IELTS Speaking Part 1 – questions and answers on ‘Neighbours and Neighbourhood’

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The examiner asks questions on neighbours and neighbourhood very frequently. So, I will cover a set of 4 questions of this topic.

Neighbours and Neighbourhood

What type of place is where you live?
Answer: The place, where I reside, is located in the west side of the city. It is a very well developed area as all the amenities are in the walking distance of my home such as hospital, park, school, shopping arcade and even metro.

What was it like growing up there?
Answer: It was really good living here from the past three decades as it is a green area and one can avail fresh air in the parks. One of the most renowned libraries is also there where I spent most of the time reading books without getting bored.

Has it changed much since you were a child?
Answer: Yes, of course, it is. Five years back, a metro train had started which is now a preferable way to commute to work for many people in our vicinity. The traffic is very less even in rush hours now.

What is there to do in the area where you live?
Answer: Firstly, there is a library which has a great collection of academic as well as general books. Secondly, there is a sports club which has a state-of-the-art facility. Apart from this, there is one water park at around 3-4kms away which is very much popular among all age groups.

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