IELTS Speaking Part 1 – work related questions and answers (Cont.)

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In my previous lesson, I answered 4 questions from the set of 11 questions related to work. Now, I would like to cover next four IELTS Speaking Part 1 work related questions below, as follows:

Is there some other kind of work you would rather do?
Answer: Well if I have to choose any work other than this business, I would prefer to sell technological peripherals as this trade will also linked to my current business and I think I can do well in this.

If you could change your job or profession, what would you do?
Answer: Although I like my profession a lot, but if still I have to change it, then I will go for trading different peripheral devices as I am passionate about new technology.

Describe the process of getting a job in your country.
Answer: Actually, I suppose the process of employment differs from industry-to- industry. If I would take an example of Information and Technology, there are few rounds of interview starting from scrutiny of Resume till the job offer. A candidate has to appear for about 4-5 interviews on different levels which includes written test, Group discussion, HR round and technical round.

Describe the company or organization you work for.
Answer: As I said before, I belong to the computer technology sector. So, definitely, we all do our jobs using computers. We have different departments in our company such as Marketing, Sales, Design, Development, and Human Resource and of course, Accounts.


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