IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Work related questions

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In IELTS Speaking Part 1, examiner, generally, asks a candidate about 10-12 questions in 4-5 minutes and cover about 3 everyday topics such as hometown, family, work, studies, computer and internet, shopping, and many more. So, this makes them to ask a set of about 4 questions from each topic.

Those students who are new to IELTS often ask me that how to answer these questions to score more bands in IELTS test, some of them give answers in one word or one line or some people go off-track and loose coherence and some candidates even don’t know what to say.

Therefore, I decided to cover some of the questions and answers in my lessons on different general topics. In my previous lessons, you have noticed how I answered the hometown questions. Now, I would like to take work related questions.

Many times, it has been observed that examiner asks a question “Do you work or are you are student?” and those who are working and have a good experience have a great chance to answer work related questions in the IELTS Speaking test in part 1. So, prepare these below mentioned questions before taking your IELTS Speaking exam.

  • What do you do? Or, do you work or Are you a student?
  • What are your responsibilities?
  • How many hours do you work each day?
  • Do you enjoy your work?
  • Is there some other kind of work you would rather do?
  • If you could change your job or profession, what would you do?
  • Describe the process of getting a job in your country.
  • Describe the company or organization you work for.
  • What is your position?
  • What do you like about your job?
  • What do you dislike about your job?

I will list the answers of these above mentioned questions in my next sessions.

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