IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Home town questions and answers

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Today, we will learn how to answer IELTS Speaking Part 1 hometown questions and we will take a set of 4 questions in each lesson, as follows:

Describe your hometown.
Answer: I reside in a metropolitan city called Delhi. It is a capital of India. Firstly, I would say that it’s too crowded because it has more than 27 million inhabitants. Secondly, it is the home to three UNESCO’s world heritage sites i.e. the Red Fort, the Humayun Tomb and the Qutub Enclave. Finally, I would like to say that it has extreme weather conditions in winters as well as summers because of its proximity to the Himalayas and the Thar dessert.

What’s special about it?
Answer: Well, as I said before, it is famous for historical buildings. Apart from this, Delhi has been the political hub of India. Every political activity in the country traces its roots here.

Where is your hometown located?
Answer: Actually, Delhi lies in northern India and it borders the Indian states of Haryana on the north, west and south, and Uttar Pradesh to the east.

Is it easy to travel around your hometown?
Answer: Of course, yes. There is quite a mixed variety of public transportation in which one can travel. I guess metro-service and buses are the most common because it is very fast and affordable.

Try to prepare your own answers this way.

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    Thanks fr issuing the best answers it helps me a lot

  2. Navneet

    Can you pls clear my few doubts, if ilets speaking examiner asks u to introduce then we will explain in short but informative sentences our name, age, recent or current education, hobbies and place to which we belong . My doubt is regarding hometown , we need to keep our sentences short in introduction part of speaking but that should be informative also so pls check my this sentence – I belong a small village in Punjab and Punjab is a northern state of my country , is it grammatically correct(use of belong is right or not), impressive(will ilets speaking examiner impress) and short (in 1st part of ilets speaking exam that is introduction session we should keep sentences short) ?????

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