IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Hometown questions

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In the IELTS Speaking Part 1, examiner, generally, asks questions about candidate’s hometown. In today’s lesson, I will list down few questions about hometown and provide sample answers in my next lesson so that candidates’ can make their own answer and prepare all these questions before taking an exam.

  • Describe your hometown.
  • What’s special about it?
  • Where is your hometown located?
  • Is it easy to travel around your hometown?
  • What is it known for?
  • What do people in your town do?
  • What are the main industries in your hometown?
  • What problems you face in your hometown?
  • What languages are spoken in your hometown?
  • What are the advantages of living in your hometown?
  • What are some problems faced by your hometown?
  • Compare your hometown with another city.
  • What are some environmental problems faced by your hometown?


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