Introduction to Opinion and Argumentative Essay

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Till now, you have learnt how to structure the IELTS essay. Today, we start by writing an introduction for an opinion or argumentative essay.

Let’s take an example question below:

The best way to reduce the traffic congestion on roads is to build more roads.
Do you agree or disagree?

Many candidates ask how to write a correct and an effective introduction. here I follow a systematic approach. Try this.

First, understand the question
Second, note keywords and write synonyms of those words.
Third, re-write the topic statement using your own words.
Fourth, provide your stance on the topic.
Finally, give reasons for your opinion.

Below is my introduction to the above task:

One of the most debatable topics today relates to whether constructing multiple roads is the most effective solution to curtail the traffic jam on roads. I strongly disagree with the opinion because the greater use of public transport and car-pool to commute from one place to another are better ways to dwindle the traffic problem than building more roads.


Note: Synonyms used in the above introduction:
The best way = the most effective solution
reduce = curtail, dwindle
Traffic congestion = traffic jam, traffic problem
Build more roads = Constructing multiple roads


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