Planning IELTS Essay

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There are two of the most common approaches of planning IELTS essay, as follows:

Option 1:

Paragraph 1 – Introduction
Rephrase the question and express your point of view in agreement or disagreement with the statement.

Paragraph 2 – Body paragraph 1
Provide one reason in favour of your opinion. Give reasons and examples to support your viewpoint.

Paragraph 3 – Body paragraph 2
Provide another reason that supports your view. Give reasons and include relevant examples to support your point of view.

Paragraph 4 – Conclusion
Summarise the arguments for your opinion and restate your stance on the subject matter using different words.


Option 2:

Paragraph 1 – Introduction
Introduce the topic by paraphrasing the question in your own words and provide your stance on it.

Paragraph 2 – Body paragraph 1
Explore the points in favour of the topic and give reasons and also include relevant examples.

Paragraph 3 – Body paragraph 2
Evaluate the points against the topic statement and give reasons and examples for supporting your arguments.

Paragraph 4 – Conclusion
Restate your opinion using different words than in the introduction or topic question. Give reasons why you believe in this way.


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