How the IELTS Speaking Test is marked/ graded

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The IELTS Speaking Test is marked or graded using score from 1 to 9 on four criteria, as follows:

Fluency and Coherence: This means how fluently a candidate speaks or in other words, how well one maintains a flow of speech while developing the answer on the given topic or question. In addition, the examiner determines the cohesive features or connectives are appropriately used.

Lexical Resource/ Vocabulary: This means a candidate has to use a wide range of vocabulary precisely. An examiner usually checks whether you are able to use less common and idiomatic expressions skilfully.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy: This means a candidate has to use a wide range of structures appropriately. An examiner will not only look for the tenses, but also check whether you organize your sentences well.

Pronunciation: This means a candidate uses a full range of pronunciation features accurately such as intonation, stress, pauses, etc.

For detailed information, download the public version of IELTS Speaking band descriptors from here.

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